The Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester currently have an exhibition: Facing Out: Life after treatment for facial cancer. It involves portraits of people who have experienced facial cancers together with their choice of artworks from the Whitworth collections; a patient of the Lindens Clinic is featured in this. The artist who painted the portraits, Lucy Burscough, is interested in what happens when someone experiences cancer which alters their appearance.  If the face changes, how does that affect one’s sense of self? Her subjects speak of being acutely aware of the gaze of others, in the street or at their work, and they recognise that people’s eyes can naturally be drawn to people whose faces are unusual. Although these portraits all involve people with facial cancer, “similar changes in the sense of self” often occur in people with facial palsy who do not have cancer. The exhibition is a thought-provoking examination of these issues. The Whitworth Gallery is located on Oxford Road, M15 6ER.