Lindens Clinic physiotherapist, Wendy Walker, has produced 2 online courses for physiotherapists, 1 about the Facial Nerve and the ways in which damage can occur, and the other about rehabilitation in facial palsy.

Published on PhysioPlus, Physiotherapists throughout the world can study with these courses, and even gain accreditation points towards their Continuing Professional Development provided they complete all course activities, including a final online test.

It is important to share our knowledge and experience with other therapists, in particular with therapists in countries which do not have the resources which we are fortunate to have in the UK.

Wendy says “I have been specialising in facial palsy for the past 20 years of my career, and as I approach the last few years of my working life I am aware that I need to pass on my knowledge and expertise to younger therapists. PhysioSpot is a marvellous organisation, as all its courses are provided completely free to physiotherapists working in third world countries, so I was delighted when I was asked to produce these courses.”