‘A Loss Of Face’ by Diana J Farragher OBE FCSP MSc Grad Dip Phys Dip TP
Includes chapters on Bells Palsy and other forms of Facial Paralysis



Diana’s book is a self help book for people with a facial paralysis. Over the years it has helped countless people to understand the anatomy of their face and the physiology of their palsy. It aims to help you towards educated decisions on treatment at every stage.

It is a devastating blow which could happen to almost anyone of us. Fit, healthy people, one in four thousand per year are affected with Bells Palsy. No blame, no shame, it could be the next person who looks at you as though you’ve suddenly lost a few brain cells!

The book contains information on assessment including electromyograph testing and treatment procedures. It incorporates chapters on Bells Palsy, Acoustic Neuroma and Congenital Palsies, with photographs and illustrations.

The final section contains patient stories which give a remarkable insight into the strength and fighting spirit of some of Diana’s patients.