The regulations which have been instigated in order to control the rising number of Covid-19 infections can have an impact for people with facial palsy. Not all the impacts are necessarily negative..!

  1. The enforced wearing of masks in shops, museums, etc. means that the lower part of the face is now completely hidden, and many people with facial palsy find this a relief as when talking with strangers (such as a shop worker) they no longer feel self-conscious about the asymmetry at their mouth.
  2. Indoor venues (restaurants, bars, supermarkets etc.) will now tend to run their air conditioning units on a higher setting, in order to facilitate increased air exchange. This has an unfortunate effect on anyone with a dry eye, meaning that they will feel discomfort in the affected eye after a shorter period of time. It is helpful to take some eye drops with you when leaving the house, in case they are required.
  3. Anyone with facial palsy as a result of surgical removal of Acoustic Neuroma is left with unilateral deafness, and this reduction in hearing means that it is much more difficult to hear and understand words spoken by people wearing a mask.